“The reality of environmentalism/ecology? Humas are not interested, don’t care (in this case reading about it) about the reality of environmentalism/ecology!“

The Alternative of Real Ecology is not just another variety of environmentalism. Nor is it the science of ecology. It rises above the modern human perspective where the ongoing ecocide in turn creates the need for popular environmentalism.

In terms of Real Ecology, ecology is the relationship between humans and Nature. It is a simple thing that needs a simple definition. Real Ecology is not the alternative to the science of ecology, rather an alternative to the human concept of environmentalism. This alternative is based on non contribution: when you don’t destroy Nature, you don’t have to protect it. That’s a real relationship with Nature where no destruction, exploitation and disrespect exist and is not needed. A state of body and mind where you don’t need your own kind of environmentalism.

Real Ecology is the alternative to being a modern human being and its based on a few simple principles: non-contribution, inner change, the advocacy of Nature, the fact of water, air and soil and the inhuman state of body and mind, state of being.

Real Ecology was formulated in a book (printed on recycled paper and as an eBook) which is revolutionary and important. Revolutionary in terms that such an alternative does not exist currently and important in terms of relevance to Nature, outside of human conception. Environmentalism serves humans, Real Ecology doesn’t.

Nobody who is alive today will do anything about the problem, call it destruction of Nature or anything else. None of us is directly and immediately threatened by the results of this destruction. The illusion was created and many believe in it – they are the environmentalists doing “at least something.” They are irrelevant because the real action will be undertaken only once the fire starts to burn us, then however it will be too late to save Nature. Saving humanity will be the priority and in that process the last bits of Nature will be destroyed in effort to save mankind. Don’t put out the fire that doesn’t burn you.

There is a difference between Real/realness, realism and reality. Something is the reality of things, but modern humans live in an illusion and avoid/don’t accept the reality. Realism means that a realistic ecological solutions will not put into practice. It’s nothing more than being realistic: human nature and evolution don’t allow reality to rule. All this alternative (and Nature at the same time) needs is its acknowledgement.